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Skin changes as we grow older and it is a natural process of course, but most of what we consider natural aging is due to numerous other factors. Premature signs of aging can be avoided if we know what causes them and limit the exposure to these unfavourable factors. We cannot go back in time, but we can immediately slow down the process if we start taking better care of our skin. Here is what you should do. 

1.Stop sunbathing
As much as 80% of skin aging is due to the so called photo aging, that is to say, due to excessive and chronic exposure to UV radiation. Any intentional sunbathing means more wrinkles and brown spots. With the sunbathing season at its peak, you should learn how to protect your skin from the damaging sun rays. Wear a hat with a wide brim to protect the delicate skin on your face and cover up the rest of your body with clothes. If you are heading for the beach, apply a broad-spectrum SPF moisturizer with a protection of at least 30. Seek shade and avoid the sun between 11am and 3pm.

2. Stop smoking

Have you heard of the expression ‘smoker’s face’? This refers to distinctive facial characteristics of people who smoke. Toxic chemicals in cigarettes cause the wrinkles to occur sooner and they are deeper than with non-smokers. Smokers tend to have crow’s feet and droopy skin around the eyes, and sallow complexion. The only solution to this problem is to stop smoking immediately.

3. Stop heavy drinking
Excessive alcohol is bad for your health in general, but it first shows on your skin. In addition to the short-term redness, bloating and dark circles under the eyes, alcohol undoubtedly has long-term effects on our appearance. Alcohol dehydrates our skin and causes the wrinkles and other signs of ageing to appear prematurely. Although, red wine has powerful anti-aging properties as long as you drink in moderation. One glass of wine a day is a recommended dosage for women. Anything above that would be more damaging than beneficial.

4. Stop eating junk food

In order to stay young, your skin needs proper nutrients, just like your entire body does. Try to eat plenty of foods that contain antioxidants, like vitamin C, E, A and B, which are particularly important for skin nutrition. Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of these vitamins. Start with tomatoes, citrus, green leafy vegetables, and carrots. Lentils are also abundant in minerals that will preserve your youthful look. Make sure the food you eat is healthy and organically grown, as organic food does not contain harmful chemicals that damage the skin. Some studies also suggest that food that contains a lot of sugar can accelerate the aging process. Better find alternatives to sweets and chocolates.

5. Do not skip sleep
Beauty sleep is not just a figure of speech. You have probably noticed yourself that how you look on a certain day largely depends on how much sleep you had the night before. This is because skin repairs itself during night. You should never skip your eight hours of night sleep. 
Are you wearing sunscreen every day? How else do you protect your skin and your youthful appearance?

<![CDATA[Love System - Gentle purifying mask & exfoliating cream by Australian Bush Flower Essences - Review ]]>Fri, 22 Jan 2016 08:00:41 GMThttp://www.organicbeautytrends.com.au/beauty/love-system-gentle-purifying-mask-exfoliating-cream-by-australian-bush-flower-essences-reviewPicture
This gentle scrub, from the award winning Love System - Australian Bush Flower Essences, is natural and organic and is infused with the beautiful bush flower essences of Angelsword, Bauhinia, Billy Goat, Bottlebrush, Five Corners, Flannel Flower and  Fringed Violet.  The combination of these essences relases negativity and helps with acceptance.

When it comes to choosing an exfoliator we want to make sure that what we choose exfoliates and removes dead skin, but doesn’t leave it feeling irritated and red.  Using an exfoliator is a step that some of us, including me, tend to skip.   This isn’t  good thing as it leaves our skin looking dull if we don’t use a scrub to help remove old skin cells.   

With the skin nourishing properties of jojoba, arnica, ginkgo, aloe vera, ginseng and echinacea, this mask has a soft, creamy texture and the grains are light and non abrasive.

The scent of this scrub is crisp and light, containing sweet orange peel oil, lime oil grapefruit peel oil.  Using it makes me feel so clean and refreshed, perfect in the morning to gently wake my senses and also for the evenings to help clean the day away and put my mind in a state of calm.

It also contains the skin nourishing properties of jojoba, arnica, ginkgo, aloe vera, ginseng and echinacea.

This truly is a unique formula, connecting physical and emotional life, designed to                                                           nature and take care of you.

​                                                    Available at Australian Bush Flower Essences.

<![CDATA[Botani Acai Berry Active Antioxidant Serum - Review ]]>Mon, 18 Jan 2016 12:05:10 GMThttp://www.organicbeautytrends.com.au/beauty/-botani-acai-berry-active-antioxidant-serum-reviewPicture
Botani - pure skin plant solutons, is an Australian natural skin care company founded in 1998 in Melbourne, Australia by Naturopath and Herbalist Barbara Filokostas.  Barbara uses  the ancient wisdom of naturopathy, plants and natural beauty to formulate this luxury range of plant based skincare.   

Using only organic and pure  ingredients in this amazing botanical skin science, I was so lucky to be able to try the Acai Berry Active Antioxidant Serum.   The first thing I noticed when I opened the bottle was the amazing scent, I love berries, I love the taste, I love the fragrance and when I applied this serum the natural scent just had me right there.  When I looked at the ingredients I could see why, it contains Amazonian Acai Berry fruit oil, cranberry and  blackberry seed oils, so along with the beautiful natural fragrance this also packs a pretty big punch when it comes to treating my skin with powerful anti-aging antioxidants and vitamins.

On top of this, the serum contains Olive Squalene, Olive Squalene is a plant active derived from the olive pip, which has a molecular structure comparable to our skin.

Up until now I didn’t realise how important Olive Squalene was for anti-aging. It has the ability to cancel out the cell damaging effects of free radicals including ultraviolet light from the sun. It has been clinically proven to increase skin’s moisture levels by up to 50%.

​Everyone is born with Squalene in their skin. From as early as 25 years of age the Squalene production in our skin decreases, resulting in the dehydration that leads to fine lines, wrinkles and premature ageing. 
So now you see how important it is to keep the squalene in our skin replenished!

Unlike mineral oils, squalene is non greasy, so when it’s added into a product like this, it’s the perfect serum to apply before make-up, as it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave any oily residue.  

The main ingredient, Acai Berry is an antioxidant powerhouse.  In skincare formulations, it can help protect the skin from environmental aggressors and delay the appearance of aging. 

Another interesting and effective ingredient is Bisabolol, an anti-infalmmatory derived from the German Chamomile flower. It helps to calm irritated skin, which is very good for sun damage, sun burn and healing scars.

I loved using this serum, I used it morning and night.  It left my skin feeling perfectly moisturised and silky soft. I felt as though it really penetrated into the fine lines in my skin, it felt very luxurious.   

Highly recommended!

Available at Botani. 

<![CDATA[The best natural eye shadow palette for your eye colour  ]]>Mon, 11 Jan 2016 10:45:06 GMThttp://www.organicbeautytrends.com.au/beauty/the-best-natural-eye-shadow-palette-for-your-eye-colourI came across this article on the best colour eye shadows for the colour of your eyes, I'm already a big Ere Perez natural make-up fan, the palettes are very flattering.   I've used these eye shadows for a while, they're very soft, smooth and long lasting.
<![CDATA[How to treat Rosacea the right way ]]>Tue, 05 Jan 2016 08:57:33 GMThttp://www.organicbeautytrends.com.au/beauty/how-to-treat-rosacea-the-right-way
This article has been contributed by Ella James.
Rosacea is a skin condition that can be embarrassing at times. It involves reddening of the skin around the face. This can be aggravated by extreme temperatures, spicy foods and sunbathing. These things are only believed to make the condition worse. The actual cause of the problem however, is not known and it is believed to be hereditary. However, it is possible to treat the rosacea condition in a number of ways. It is important that when you think you have the rosacea condition, you visit your doctor early so that you can discuss on a plan to control the condition. Do not wait until when your skin turns red and your confidence is affected by the condition. Here are some ways that can help you deal with the problem. Other major causes of rosacea are use of skin brighteners that have chemical that react with the skin. 

Mild Rosacea

This is a subtype of rosacea that is characterized by visible blood vessels, flushes and facial redness. This is a very advanced stage of rosacea and is difficult to treat. At this stage, one is advised to keep off foods and other factors that aggravate the condition. Such factors include spices and temperature changes. Apart from avoiding these factors, there are other ways that can be used to contain the condition. A personal doctor who understands your health issues is the right person to discuss with on a possible plan to treat mild rosacea. 
One way through which the condition can be controlled is by the use of the estrogen hormone to treat hot flashes. Patients with the condition can be given the hormone to counter the hot flashes caused by rosacea. This is a very delicate procedure and major decisions have to be made depending on the patient’s health history. Another issue of concern is that the hormone is used to treat hot flashes that mainly occur during menopause and not rosacea flashes. It is therefore just used as a remedy because of the nature of likeness between the two flashes. The major concern about using the estrogen hormone is that the therapy poses great threats of heart diseases, stroke and breast cancer
Apart from the use of hormone estrogen, beta blockers have been recommended for treating rosacea flushes and visibility of blood vessels. The use of these blocks to treat rosacea has not been tested and approved by the relevant bodies in America. Beta blockers have been used in the past as treatment for menopausal flashes, heart diseases and high blood pressure. 

Moderate Rosacea

This subtype of rosacea is characterized by facial redness and pimples on the face. There are oral medications and tropical treatments that can be used to reduce inflammation and break outs. Most of the medication used to treat rosacea can be used to fight inflammation and prevent redness of the face but cannot be used to kill bacteria. 

Severe Rosacea

This is the serious type of rosacea. The main symptoms include skin thickening and enlargement mostly affecting the areas around the nose. This type requires special care. Its treatment includes the use of oral and tropical medications combined with laser therapy. However, laser therapy is referred to as the best remedy for this type of rosacea. YAG and carbon dioxide lasers are the common types of lasers used for the treatment of severe rosacea. In some cases where laser therapy does not help much, the patient may have to go through surgery to remove the extra tissue. This case is worse and requires attention at early stages because the overgrowth of tissue around the nose may cause other life threatening complications like difficulty in breathing or collapsing of the nostrils. Most of the severe cases of rosacea may lead to lose in self-esteem which is a very serious issue. Patients are therefore advised to seek professional help in such cases.

Via: https://youtu.be/NyYa4935R0M

Most of the treatment for rosacea are just remedy to help the patient deal with the condition. In fact most of them are treatments used for other conditions that have similar traits as rosacea. Some of them have not been tested and allowed for use in treatment of rosacea by the relevant food and drugs regulatory bodies. However, the time taken to treat rosacea will depend on individuals and the type of condition.

​Author Bio:
Ella James is an aspiring author who is pursuing Health Services Administration degree from St. Petersburg College. She is an active contributor to Consumer Health Digest, which is a leading Health News. In recent years, she had the opportunity to review Joint soother. Get connected with her on Facebook and Twitter.

Solvaderm Skin Care
<![CDATA[Obama signs bill banning plastic microbeads]]>Tue, 05 Jan 2016 01:19:41 GMThttp://www.organicbeautytrends.com.au/beauty/obama-signs-bill-banning-plastic-microbeadsGreat News!
<![CDATA[SkinB5 - Natural Acne Control - Review]]>Sun, 03 Jan 2016 08:31:30 GMThttp://www.organicbeautytrends.com.au/beauty/skinb5-natural-acne-control-reviewPicture
SkinB5 is an Australian made natural acne treatment which doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals.

When I suffered from acne years ago I would have given anything to have come across a natural acne system such as this.

I turned to a very harsh acne system which made my skin terribly itchy and irritated, I remember my friends having the same side effects and stopping treatment. It was very frustrating and depressing.

One of the main ingredients in SkinB5 is Vitamin B5, which has proven to be effective at treating the production of sebum, the main cause of acne breakouts.

As I don’t have acne anymore, but I do have oily skin, blackheads and the occasional breakout, I also gave this to my sister to use to control her severe acne. We were both using it at the same time for different skin conditions.

We are both very pleased with the results SkinB5 had on skin and I am so happy that I can tell people that there is a natural system which can help them without having to turn to dangerous chemical filled acne products.

The beauty of this system is it also improves skin texture, tightens pores and gives skin an overall healthy feeling.

There are different packs available depending on the severity of your acne or you can purchase single products.

​The pack we used is the Clear Skin Starter Pack and includes - 

Acne Control Tablets - Extra Strength

The main ingredient in the tablets is Vitamin B5 (skin renewal, wound healing) along with zinc (heals blemishes), copper (cell renewal), silicon (formation of collagen)  Vitamin A (immune function & skin disease), Vitamin B3 (acne healing in clinical trials), folic acid (stress, anxiety, tension) and biotin (hair and skin health). All of these ingredients combined helps to control acne from within, the tablets balances hormones and strengthens the immune system.  As these are the extra strength tablets, my sister took these for her severe acne, the tablets are a large size, but she had no trouble taking them and believes that these had a major effect on healing her skin.

Acne Control Cleanser (Cleansing Mousse) 

Containing the soothing and effective ingredients of green tea (anti-bacterial), vitamin B5 (controls skin oil), aloe vera (heals damages tissue), salicyclic acid (removes dead skin) and bergamot oil, which has antibacterial properties.   A very light, but effective mousse which comes out in a handy pump dispenser. Thoroughly cleans and leaves skin feeling refreshed, skin feels tighter and the bergamot oil gives it a lovely light natural fragrance.

Acne Control Moisturiser

Contains aloe vera,  green tea, vitamin B5, jojoba oil (strengthens epidermis) and bergamot oil. A light and non-greasy moisturiser, perfectly designed for oily skin.  Absorbs in quickly and leaves skin feeling well moisturised.  Very good to wear under make-up and calms down inflamed skin.  I love jojoba oil, it combines so well with the other healing ingredients.   This a really soothing moisturiser and works very well on sensitive skin.

Acne Control Caplets

Each caplet contains vitamin B5, zinc, copper, silicone, nicotinamide, folic acid, biotin and the added benefit of the hormone balancing herb Vitex Agnus.    I used these caplets as I only have the occasional breakout and oily skin. If you have severe acne you could use both the caplets and extra strength acne control.  I used the caplets and found them to have a balancing effect on my skin, I think the Vitex helps out a lot in this regard.

5-Minute Skin Purifying Mask 100g

Contains French green clay (revitalises complexions, tightens pores), Australian Great Barrier Reef sea minerals (removes dead skin cells), Vitamin B5, aloe vera, bergamot oil and avocado oil (promotes cell regeneration, heals scars, age spots). Fast acting, only takes 5 minutes to wear the mask for it to have an amazing effect on skin.  I’ve been wanting to try a product containing french green clay for a while, as I’ve heard so many great things about the effects it can have on skin.  My skin felt amazingly soft after using this mask, it has a beautiful combination of ingredients. I love the gentle effect of the sea minerals on purifying my skin.    

All SkinB5 products are free of all of these nasty and dangerous ingredients which are contained in mainstream acne control products.


As my family and I can attest to how well this system works, I can feel safe in recommending SkinB5 to others.
Skin B5 is available to purchase at the SkinB5 website

<![CDATA[Stylish Holiday Gift Ideas for the Eco-Minded Shopper]]>Sat, 19 Dec 2015 08:03:52 GMThttp://www.organicbeautytrends.com.au/beauty/stylish-holiday-gift-ideas-for-the-eco-minded-shopper
This article has been contributed by Cristina Nika Kask

Holiday season is finally here, and the shopping craziness has begun. No matter how much I love this time of the year, whenever I think about the gifts I need to choose for my friends and family, I get a mild headache. Even though I enjoy shopping for others more than for myself, sometimes I think I will not be original but end up buying the same gift I had already bought before. Furthermore, I would like to be eco-friendly just as many of you would too. Well, for all of those eco-friendly people out there, I have found some great suggestions we could all consider.
Fig and Yarrow Bath and Body Kit 

A little indulgence is always desirable. This body kit will offer your friend a true relaxation, because only soothing, safe, and luxurious products are involved in this set. Products from the Fig and Yarrow line are the part of a small-batch, artisanal apothecary that uses local ingredients in order to create organic, handmade and cruelty-free products. All the oils, soaps, scrubs and every other Fig and Yarrow product is preservative, and more importantly paraben and toxin free.

Sweater from an Eco-Friendly Designer

​Certain designers are trying to take care of the environment by using recycled, eco-conscious and vintage garments to create their fabulous wardrobe. Furthermore, some labels choose to make their clothes in-house in the label’s environmentally friendly sewing factory. Moreover, every piece of clothing you order will be sent in 100% recycled packaging. This sweater will be the perfect gift for your mom, best friend, or your siblings. It will keep them warm through an entire winter.

A Bag

Search for designers that make hand-dyed totes, clutches and cross body sacs, for a completely unexpected and amazing holiday gift. These manufacturers use vegetable-tanned leather to create their pieces. Furthermore, they are dyed with natural and organic dyes, which make every bag unlike any other you have ever seen.

Beauty Bronzer

​Just because the winter is here, that does not mean a little bronze tan is not in order. A bronzer that gives the perfect shine to the face is formulated with raw, organic, and non-toxic ingredients. There are lines of products known for using completely harmless chemicals, they contain no synthetic preservatives and are free of GMOs. Moreover, they are soy and gluten free. You will be even more satisfied when you see that the recyclable glass with airtight aluminum lids is used for packaging. 

Make-up Brush Set

Make-up only looks that flawless because girls use the appropriate tools to apply it. The high quality brushes are essential for properly contouring your face. The best 100 percent pure high quality brushes are the perfect holiday gift for your friend or a sister. Bristles are naturally antimicrobial and synthetic. Brushes are incredibly easy to wash and keep clean. They come in a cute stylish clutch which is printed with soy and veggie inks, on cotton. Perfectly eco-friendly.  

Face Mask

​You can never have enough cosmetic products, creams, lotions, and masks. Certain cosmetic companies have the environment in mind as well, when they create their products. They choose to exclude the icky chemicals and opt for only organic, unrefined plant oils and butters. Furthermore, the main parts of the mask texture become organic botanicals, cold-pressed and steam-distilled essential oils. The companies take extra care of the environment by using recycled paper or glass containers, for packaging. This way the use of plastics is limited the most.

As you can see, there are more eco-friendly products out there than we think. Fortunately, people are starting to pay a little more attention to our planet. However, do not wait for the last minute to go shopping, but do it every day for a little while. Start now and you should be done way before Christmas. Happy hunting. 
<![CDATA[The most Effective Essential Oils for hair loss and healthy hair growth]]>Wed, 09 Dec 2015 08:40:52 GMThttp://www.organicbeautytrends.com.au/beauty/essential-oils-for-hair-loss-and-hair-growthPicture
If you're losing your hair or want to have strong and healthy hair, certain essential oils have proven to help grow hair back and make it stronger.

There are many factors which result in hair loss in men and women, some of these include stress, genetics, diet, ageing, hormonal changes, fungal infections and environmental exposures. 

The technical term for hair loss is alopecia, in males this is thinning or complete loss of hair.  For females this can be a gradual thinning of hair.  This can also be seen as broken hairs or hair easily falling out when brushing.   It is an autoimmune disease where the body will reject the hair follicles as being foreign objects. ​

​Recently, there has been a major breakthrough in essential oil technology, showing us how essential oils affects human genetic health.  This cutting edge technology is termed AGX expression (Gene Expression).  This science  promotes insights about how we can promote improved health to the human genome by scientifically analysing and combining different essential oils for different purposes.  There are six genetic zones and each oil falls into a specific zone and affects that body function, for example, the zone for hair and nails (zone 6) will include a specific combination of oils scientifically proven to promote healthy function in that area.

The results of a 1998 study, “Randomized Trial of Aromatherapy: Successful Treatment for Alopecia Areata,” by Isabelle C. Hay, MRCP; Margaret Jamieson, SRN and Anthony D. Ormerod, FRCP, show “aromatherapy to be a safe and effective treatment for alopecia areata.”  84 people who had been diagnosed with alopecia areata used essential oil applications to their scalp with remarkable results, they  experienced significant hair growth using a simple blend of Thyme,  Rosemary, Lavender and Cedarwood, massaged into the scalp every day with a carrier oil for seven months.

Compared to conventional hair loss treatments, essential oil therapy is a safe and healthy option.

Add 3 to 6 drops of each essential oil to 1 tablespoon of fractionated coconut oil.   Coconut oil reduces protein loss in damaged and un-damaged hair.   The Lauric acid in coconut oil has a high affinity for hair proteins and is able to penetrate inside the hair shaft.  

You could begin by using one or two oils and eventually combine with more oils, depending on which oil you prefer, or use an AGX blend where the oils to promote hair growth are already combined for you.

Massage into scalp. Wait 30 minutes, rinse.
Apply daily.

Add a few drops to shampoo daily and massage into scalp to stimulate hair growth.

​Due to the cycle of hair growth, results can take three to seven months to appear. Be patient and consistent and the rewards will follow.

Your hair will also smell amazing!

Rosemary - Rosmarinus officinalis

​Rosemary stimulates hair growth naturally and is a safe remedy for men showing patterns of baldness and to thicken hair in women.  It slows down hair loss and greying of hair,  stimulating hair bulbs to renewed activity.
Lavender - Lavandula angustifolia

With it's soothing, tranquil scent Lavender plays a major part in stress reduction.    It is also anti-bacterial and helps to unclog hair follicles.  It regulates blood circulation and is anti-inflammatory.  
Thyme - Thymus vulgaris

Thyme has a  warm and spicy aroma.  Used by ancient Egyptians and Greeksone of the earliest medicinal plants employed throughout the Mediterranean region. 
Thyme has a direct action on the nervous system.   Blood circulation to the scalp is stimulated by Thyme.   
It is also an antiseptic and can help prevent dandruff. 
Peppermint - Mentha piperita

Peppermint oil stimulates the scalp and rejuvinates hair follicles.   Its antibacterial properties prevents dandruff, which in turn keeps hair follicles from becoming blocked.  When hair follicles are blocked they will stop producing hair.    
Peppermint oil can also be used to keep the scalp clean when used on dry hair in between shampoos, dab a few drops on your fingers and smooth through dry hair
Sweet Basil - Ocimum basilicum

Stimulating and uplifting, Basil stimulates hair growth and increases vitality and blood circulation to the hair. It cleanses clogged, tired hair follicles so that strong hair can grow and protects against breakage.
Tea Tree - Melaleuca alternifolia

Tea Tree controls excess oil which can clog follicles.  It is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.  Used as a remedy for head lice and psoriasis.  Tea Tree oil stimulates blood flow and reduces inflammation, from its component- terpinen-4-ol., extracted from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia tree.  It removes dead skin and bacteria from scalp. It also prevents residues from chemicals building up in hair.
Ylang Ylang - Cananga odorata

Ylang ylang stimulates hair growth.  It prevents scalp dryness and brittle hair.  It stimulates the skin that controls sebum secretion,  sebum contributes to the overall health of your hair and scalp.
​It's fragrant exotic scent is calming to the senses and  decreases stress.

Frankincense - Boswellia frereana

Frankincense strengthens hair follicles, balances hormones and is anti-inflammatory. It is known to make hair roots stronger.  The boswellic acids in frankincense inhibits the inflammatory process and improves blood circulation.
Cypress - Cupressus sempervirens

Cypress increases circulation and capillary strength.  It brightens dull and dry hair.  Used often in skin therapy treatments.  

Helichrysum - Helichrysum italicum

Found in many new formulations of natural hair treatments, Helichrysum regenerates soft tissue of the body.
It can be used to combat skin conditions, aids in circulatory function, is antibacterial and an antioxidant.
Helichrysum italicum contains high levels of neryl acetate, the compound responsible, along with its synergistic constituents, for tissue rebuilding and healing. 

When purchasing essential oils, it is very important that you choose high quality essential oils.  If the oil is of a low quality, the benefits may not be seen and you may be introducing toxic chemicals into your body.   When using oils on skin and hair it is best to use Clinical Grade essential oils, as the Bioavailability of these have been scientifically researched and they are the safest oils to use.

Before using any essential oils for hair growth, it is important to test them for reactions on a small area of skin. 

Author Bio: 

Ingrid Long is the owner of Organic Beauty Trends and essential oil educator. 

​References - 














<![CDATA[Never allow facial wrinkles to spoil your beauty]]>Tue, 01 Dec 2015 09:22:49 GMThttp://www.organicbeautytrends.com.au/beauty/-never-allow-facial-wrinkles-to-spoil-your-beauty
This article has been contributed by Willo Conner.

Wasn't your skin looking more beautiful, smooth and glorious in your college day pictures? You may be wondering why your skin is no longer as lustrous? The answer is simple: you are aging. When it comes to aging, you have to admit that the most inevitable and unavoidable part of this natural process is wrinkled. It does not matter, how gracefully you age; no one wants those fine lines on their faces. Sadly, wrinkles affect more than just the face; they can affect different parts of the body. The parts most commonly affected by wrinkles are:

•    Neck
•    Backs of hands
•    Tops of forearms

Though different parts of the body are affected, facial wrinkles are the major complaint about most patients, as they are more visible. What exactly are facial wrinkles? Have you noticed those folds, creases or fine lines on your forehead and around the eyes, or the chin? Those lines may not be clearly visible right now, but with time, they become deeper and more prominent. So, if you are noticing them right now, take steps to keep them away from being noticed by others. Wrinkles cannot be kept at bay forever, but you can prolong the period during which your face is youthful and with the  top 10 wrinkle creams for your wrinkle free skin. 

Different factors causing wrinkles
Age is not the only culprit behind every line on your face; there are several other factors that are equally responsible for the appearance of wrinkles. Some of these elements contribute to the development of wrinkles to a degree that is equal to the effects of age. These factors are:

•    Smoking
•    Excessive exposure to the sun
•    Harsh chemicals
•    Facial expressions
•    Genetics

Five ways to prevent facial wrinkles
A wrinkle-free, beautiful glowing skin is desired, but not achieved by all.  Like anything else, our skin also demands care and attention. Though the conserving time for taking proper care of the skin is difficult in today’s busy schedule, it is not impossible. You only need to dedicate the little time to keeping your skin wrinkle free and beautiful for the longer period. Let's have a look at ways in which you can protect your skin:

1.    Minimize the skin exposure to the sun:  Though sunlight is a major source of vitamin D, overexposure to the sun accelerates the skin aging process. To avoid this, wear a hat, sunglasses, scarves, etc. to keep your skin protected from sunlight. Don't forget to apply sunscreen lotion before leaving the house to protect the areas of your skin that get exposed to the sun. 

2.    Say goodbye to smoking- Research has shown people with smoking habits tend to develop more wrinkles than those who don’t smoke. Results of Twin research unit at St. Thomas Hospital in London have shown that people with smoking habits have a 40% greater chances of developing wrinkles and having thinner than the other group of nonsmokers. 

3.    Lie on your back- Develop a habit of lying on your back when you sleep, and not on your sites as this restricts the chances of skin damage. 

4.    Follow a proper diet:  There is no alternative to developing good eating habits when it comes to health, beauty and wellbeing. Your daily food chart should be rich in fruits and vegetables. Fish are also great for the skin, especially oily fish like Salmon. Adopt a healthy and balanced diet as your everyday routine, and your skin will thank you.

5.    Get enough sleep:  If you want a beautiful glowing skin, you should get adequate sleep. That is 7-8 hours of shut-eye every night. Inadequate sleep increases the secretion of the hormone cortisol, which negatively impacts the skin.

6.    Use anti-aging products:  Not all anti-aging products are effective, but if you use the right products, they can help you keep your skin hydrated, fresh and youthful.

How to conceal already existing wrinkles

Though Prevention is always a better idea than cure, sometimes you need a quick fix for a problem that has already occurred. If the ship has already sailed, the previous steps may be sufficient to prevent further damages, but not to give you the appearance you want. In that case, you will need to take extra care of your skin. 

•    Hydrate your skin:   As you get older, your skin becomes a bit dry. When the skin gets dry, wrinkles and fine lines get easy access, and the only solution is to moisturize the skin. Moisturizers help to lock the moisture and keep the skin hydrated for longer periods of time. Eventually, they help conceal your wrinkles, so they aren’t visible.

•    Make-up:  This method is the easiest way to hide your fine lines and wrinkles. This quick and easy fix is only temporary, however, and it should be used in conjunction with the other sites that help solve the problem rather than conceal it.

•    Avoid excessive washing:  Dermatologist believes that excessive washing can make your skin dry. When cleaned, the skin loses its natural oil and moisture that prevent wrinkles. To avoid this try washing your face only twice a day, and do so gently. Use a soft towel and gently pat your face dry.

•    Medical treatment:  There are several medications and techniques that can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and make those fine lines less visible. Contact a dermatologist if you feel that your skin needs professional care. He or she will help you choose the best products and procedures to get the best results.

•    Anti-aging products – there are a lot of products today that minimize existing wrinkles and slow down an appearance of new ones. For example, Solvaderm’s Stemuderm is one of the best and most effective products of this type. This anti-aging solution addresses all problems of skin aging and minimizes wrinkles to restore youthful skin appearance. It is made of natural ingredients that make your skin smooth, firm, and hydrated. Moreover, this treatment improves collagen production and restores elasticity of your skin. The product should be applied to clean face, neck and cleavage. Apply it with your fingertips in circular motions twice a day (morning and night) as part of your daily skin care routine.


Stopping time at its tracks and keeping a youthful wrinkle free complexion is something almost everybody aspires for. To accomplish this, you must take proper care of your skin. We may not be able to stop time, but we can restrain the other factors that play a major role in skin aging. Most importantly, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid premature skin aging and age gracefully.



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