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Croton oil is an amazing oil, but it should be used with proper care. It is used in various applications such as medicines, facial and skin problem treatment. Croton Oil is used to process various beauty-care products for skin and medicinal products for emptying as well as cleansing the intestines and stomach. Croton Oil is extracted from the seeds of Croton tiglium with the help of cold pressing method. The native place of Croton tree is India and the Malay Archipelago. This oil is a very powerful purgative and irritant due to which its overdose may lead to the cause of severe skin lesions and diarrhea. So, this oil should be used with proper care to attain its utmost benefits. It is also an active ingredient to certain skin peeling procedures. It is a viscous and transparent liquid could be yellow to light brown in color. Croton Oil has unpleasant taste, a slight acrid odor. Indian and Chinese were the first to use the Croton Oil as a medicine. 
Extraction process of Croton Oil:

Croton oil is extracted from the seeds of Croton tiglium which is a shrub belonging to the family of Euphorbiaceae. Croton Oil is carried out by cold pressing method, but nowadays the process is quite different, i.e. solvent extraction and also some other methods as well the extract the better oil as output. During the extraction process, it is mandatory to keep the safety in the process, because it is somewhat toxic in nature.

Curative Elements Present in the Croton Oil:

There are 17 fatty acid components present in the Croton Oil. Some of them are oleic acid, eicosanoic acid methyl-esterified sample with a quantity of 77.33% and linoleic acid. If it is diluted with ethylether, it will produce five aromatic compounds such as fenchyl alcohol and isoborneol etc. Croton oil is less dense than water and insoluble in water that is why it floats on the water. It reacts with acids to liberate the heat. Its chemical composition comprises a list of 11 compounds which are categorized like A1 to A4 and B1 to B7. All 11 compounds isolated are diesters to one and with the same parent alcohol phorbol C20H28O6, in which each diester will carry one long chain and one short chain fatty acid. Major constituents of croton oil are crotonic resin, crotonoleic acid, crotonic acid, glycerylcrotonate and several carcinogenic phorbol derivatives.

Uses and Benefits of Croton Oil:

Traditional Uses: It was used in traditional Chinese medicines as well as in Sri Lanka. And it was only China that has discovered it for the usage in drugs. But, the origination of Croton Oil is in India.

Medical Uses: The seed oil from the croton is an excellent remedy for the cancerous sores, tumors, colds, dysentery, fever, scabies, paralysis, sore throat and toothache. It can be used as a counter-irritant for different skin infections. But, it should be used in moderate amounts else it would act as a harmful ingredient rather than its helpful benefits. 

Other Niche Uses: Due to its slight toxic nature, this oil is used as a natural insecticide for field purposes while growing cereals and pulses or during the storage. This oil is also used to process candles and soaps.

Side Effects/Potential Involvement of Risks
  • Although, Croton oil is extensively demanded as a major ingredient of various cosmetic peelings and skin creams without any risks involved but one should always seek advice of a doctor or physician before using this oil due to its toxicity.
  • Always use in dilution. Stop using this oil if it causes even slight irritation over your skin.
  • Croton oil might be highly dangerous and even lethal if taken internally undiluted without the supervision of a medical practitioner.
  • Even this oil is safe for use by pregnant and nursing women but still it should be avoided during the pregnancy or breast-feeding periods.

We hope most of your misconceptions about of croton oil have been eradicated through this article. All you need to do while using this oil is just use of this miraculous oil in medicinal quantity. Proper use of this oil has shown positive results in persons seeking traditional cure for skin, stomach and other ailments. So, what are you looking for? Go and grab a bottle of pristine quality croton oil for an excellent health of yours and your loved ones. 

Author Bio: 
About Abhinav Kumar Singh
“Abhinav Kumar Singh is a renowned aromatherapist and essential oil educator with 8 years of professional expertise. He has been advocating about the benefits of natural essential oils through writing and speeches to reach out millions through his blogs, articles, and speeches. If you wish to get more information about essential oils and their therapeutic benefits, click here @ Croton Oil.
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Our skin and hair deserve regular attention and should always be handled with care. But there are certain times during the year when they deserve even more apprehension. When the seasons change and winter finally arrives, the colder and harsher weather conditions can greatly affect us. The biting cold might damage our skin and hair, make it dry and chapped. Because of this, it is crucial to take certain precautions and measures to make sure they are well protected and nurtured. These are some useful tips on how to preserve your hair and skin during this winter and how to keep them healthy.
Snuggle Up

When the weather switches its course and winter begins, our bodies are in need of more protection. We need to look out for ourselves, our overall organism and make it more resilient to these weather conditions. This can be accomplished by different means, but it is really important to know how to properly dress up when going out. In order to protect your skin and hair from cracking and drying out, the best solution is to always wear a hat and a scarf. Snuggle up nice and tightly and make sure that your skin and hair are secured for the winter.


Beside the fact that we need to keep an eye on how we dress, we should also pay close attention to the foods we eat. The groceries and viands we tend to eat can greatly contribute to our overall health and make our metabolism stronger and more resilient. This can further contribute to your overall health and both your skin and hair as well. It is quite recommendable to create a balanced diet consisting of nuts, seeds, leafy greens and dairy like yogurt. It is also a good idea to eat salmon, oysters and even dark chocolate.


​Being properly hydrated is one of the essential parts of keeping your hair and skin healthy and nurtured. This can be done simply by incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet and making sure that you get an appropriate amount of water intake daily. Many doctors recommend drinking about 2 liters of water daily. Because of this, it is wise to consider going slightly above this limit during colder seasons, as your body will require it. A good solution is to always carry a bottle of water wherever you go at all times. Also, avoid drinking too many alcoholic or caffeinated beverages as they tend to dehydrate your body. Substitute these drinks with hot or cold tea instead.


One of the most pleasant feelings during winter is enjoying a nice, long  hot shower or bath. Nevertheless, no matter how enjoyable and satisfying this might be, it is actually recommendable to cut these bathroom excursions to a minimum. This is because boiling hot water that we enjoy so much tends to make our skin and hair dryer and more prone to irritations. The best solution is opting for shorter showers using mild water and avoiding using products that tend to dry out your skin. Always remember to use hair conditioner and products aimed for sensitive hair and skin.
Moisturize and Trim

Moisturizing both your skin and hair during winter is one of the main things you need to do in order to keep their former glow and shine. The best way to do this is by choosing quality products like theorie hair to be sure that your hair will be well nourished and reformed. Another thing that may have positive effects on our hair is regularly trimming it. Many hairdressers recommend cutting your hair more often during winter than in summer or spring. This is because the cold weather and the moisture in the air tend to damage our hair and make it dry out. This is the main reason why you should opt for regular trims if you wish to salvage your hair during this season.

​Every day we are looking for new ways to preserve our bodies. This is especially important during harsh and cold winters. These tips will help you protect and guard both your skin and your hair during another cold season.  Make sure to always protect your body in the best way you can.
<![CDATA[Australian Bush Flower Essences - Love System Intensive Eye Serum - Review]]>Sun, 01 Nov 2015 08:04:43 GMThttp://www.organicbeautytrends.com.au/beauty/australian-bush-flower-essences-love-system-intensive-eye-serum-reviewPicture
Imbibed with rose stem cells and Australian bush flower essences, this certified organic intensive eye serum takes gentle and effective care of the delicate skin around your eyes.

Eye serums are a product we should all have as part of our beauty treatment, when you start using one you realise what a difference it makes.   To be honest if I’m in a hurry or feeling tired I have tended to skip this in the past thinking that a normal facial moisturiser would do the job, but it doesn’t.

This eye serum is specially formulated for the very delicate skin around your eyes.  It soothes dark circles, redness and puffy eyes.   

Rose stem cells support collagen production, helps skin regenerate and supports cellular function.

The amazing difference with this eye serum are the flower essences, which each have an energy of their own,  they have a subtle effect on the unconscious mind.   
The essences in this eye serum help with confidence, calmness, openness and help to balance emotions.   

This is what I love about the Love System products, it’s more than a wonderful beauty treatment.  

When I use this serum it helps to firm up the skin around my eyes.   If I’m feeling overworked and my eyes and mind feel tired, this velvety cream helps make me feel more awake and refreshed.  

The texture is light and smooth and melts in easily, leaving a silky finish to my skin.   The scent is natural and calming.

Love System is a certified organic skin care range made by Australian Bush Flower Essences, winners of the Natural Health International Beauty Awards 2015. 

Another beautiful product I will be adding to my Love System collection!

Available at Australian Bush Flower Essences.

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Eating healthy is necessary to keep your body in a good condition and to be fit. However, not everything that has good health benefits for your immune system is good for your teeth. Even though they are made from a tough structure, some foods will help them stay strong, and others will help in deteriorating the enamel faster.

Drink Plenty of Tea

Instead of rinsing your mouth with water, you should start doing it with either green or black tea, which will help to reduce plaque buildup and the growth of some bacteria. But, drinking tea at least once a day is fine as well, because it will not only be good for the body and soul, but for your little choppers as well. However, do not overdo it, because too much of this delicious liquid could start damaging your teeth as well.

Another Reason to Eat Cheese

Almost everybody likes to eat cheese, and it is a good way to ensure that you get plenty of dairy products. Some would even suggest that you eat a certain type of cheese so that you can shield your teeth from bacteria damage. Your mouth will start producing more saliva which will in turn reduce mouth acidity that could not only harm your teeth, but also help some bacteria grow as well. All in all, eating a bit of cheese everyday will do you good for your oral and overall health.

​Stay Clear Of Too Many Lemons

Even though lemon can be used for many purposes to help boost your immunity, it is still a fruit that you will have to take responsibly. Not only lemons, but other citrus fruits can be dangerous for your teeth if you consume too much of them. The acidity in them can cause some serious damage, which if not taken seriously could permanently deteriorate your teeth. Keep exposure to citrus’ to a minimum so that you do not help tooth enamel erosion.

Avoid Candy As much As Possible

Candy can contain a lot of various sugars and chewy bits which could not only harm your teeth but extremely accelerate tooth decay. And, it is best if you can avoid eating them at all, so that you do not have to go and get a tooth pulled out. If you are going to eat candy, be sure not to eat a lot, and to wash your teeth soon afterwards, so that you can minimize the effects of bacteria.
oAn Apple a Day Keeps the Dentist Away

Eating crunchy apples at least once a day can help you clean your teeth and keep them strong. Not only will you introduce a good source of minerals and vitamins to your health, but you will have a natural toothbrush that will reduce the plaque levels in your mouth, and make sure to neutralize bacteria as well. Moreover, Sydney orthodontists suggest that you eat tougher crunchy foods as well, because they will ensure that your teeth stay strong, and that they do not deteriorate any time soon.

​Be sure to brush your teeth at least after every major meal, so that you can ensure they stay strong and healthy. However, pay attention to what type of food you eat, because some foods can be beneficial and some will have more damaging ingredients that could ruin your tooth enamel. In the end, you need to make sure to eat a balanced diet and that you do not overdo it with any type so that you avoid increasing the risk of hurting your teeth.

This article has been contributed by Diana Smith 

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While one is travelling, it is vital and important to ensure that they feel and are comfortable in the period of travelling. The importance of this is that the individual feels good and great through the journey and after reaching their destiny. It is important to assess the beauty products that a person uses when they are travelling. Some products work well while others are not good when one is travelling. There are things that one also needs or requires to do on their skin or body in preparation for travelling. These tips are easy to apply by any individual travelling.

Moisturize and Mist with Mineral Water
Moisturizing of the skin is essential for the individual. In the preparation for a flight or a long driving journey, proper moisturizing of the skin is required on the night before one takes off for the journey. The moisturizing should be done intensely on the skin. There is no need to go for more foundation or even blush. One should consider the use of mineral water to add a little moisturizer.

Forgo Foundation and Blot out the Oily Skin
Foundation should not be used. Instead of this, one should do the skin moisturizing. It is advisable to avoid foundation especially before one starts the journey.  Oily skin is likely to get out of one's control during travelling hours. One should thus carry blotting papers on the journey.

Natural Antibacterial Wipes
It is healthy to use the antibacterial wipes while one is travelling. They are important and essential as they help to eliminate and kill germs on the skin. Antibacterial wipes play a great and critical role in skin protection. When the climate or weather is quite warm, an individual is more likely to sweat while travelling. The antibacterial wipes should thus be used to wipe off the sweat. These wipes are also important in wiping away food particles after an individual has eaten some snacks in the time they are travelling. Ensure that you pack the antibacterial wipes before leaving or starting the journey.

Green Tea and Detox Tea
Before one travels, it is important to ensure that one detoxifies especially in cases where one is taking flight. Some tea can be essential. It is also advisable for one to carry some tea on the journey. It is important to sip tea time to time in the course of the journey as it helps in detoxification. The body thus remains fresh. Detoxification aids in ensuring that body cells continue their tasks in a good environment. Tea, especially green tea, should thus be included in the list while packing for a journey.

Fresh Lemons
It is essential to pack and take some fresh lemons with you as you travel. In the morning especially, they are one of the products that help an individual start a day well. They have a detoxification effect. They make sure that one feels good and fresh as they travel. One can have them washed and cut into pieces. It is also a good trick to squeeze the cleaned lemons in some drinking water. Together with the water the lemons helps in keeping the skin in a healthy state. 

Stay Hydrated
Drinks are essential and important while one is travelling. Water is the best option when choosing drinks. Water is vital and essential for ensuring that the body remains hydrated as one is travelling. Carrying enough water is, therefore, critical when travelling. The water is essential for the skin too. Avoid dry skin patches by the intake or drinking of sufficient water on the journey.

Eat Right
Eating and feeding right is also a beauty tip. What one eats may affect how they look and how they feel when they are travelling. It is important and advisable to include salad, more vegetables and water in the diet. Before one travels, one should eat considerable amounts of veggies. They contain vitamins that are good and helpful to the skin of the individual. Eating right when one is about to travel helps an individual to keep looking and feeling good. It also helps to prevent bloating and other stomach problems.

5 Best Diet Tips For Eating - Erin Stern

Via- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkFseJG1n70

The importance of these tips is to enable one feel good, comfortable and confident during the journey and even on arrival at destinations. The tips are also essential in ensuring that an individual’s skin remains beautiful. The beauty tips are thus important and critical for an individual wishing to travel.

Author Bio:

Ella James is an aspiring author who is pursuing Health Services Administration degree from St. Petersburg College. She is an active contributor to Consumer Health Digest, which is a leading Health News Website. Her interests include reading and writing about Health, Fitness and Lifestyle News. Get connected with her on Facebook and Twitter.
<![CDATA[Going Natural With Beauty Products Is Easier Than You Think!]]>Fri, 23 Oct 2015 09:40:04 GMThttp://www.organicbeautytrends.com.au/beauty/going-natural-with-beauty-products-is-easier-than-you-think
So you’ve decided to make the switch to natural beauty products but aren’t 100 percent sure how to go about it. Firstly, congratulations on making the swap to natural cosmetics, you will love the results. Secondly, swapping to natural products is actually, much simpler than you would think.

​Of course, if you are unsure what constitutes a ‘natural product’, going down the green route can be tricky. Luckily for you, however, I am here to guide you through the process. Many people are convinced that natural cosmetics don’t work as well as chemical ones, but that's not the case. Going natural might take some getting used to, but in terms of the health benefits, it’s well worth it, so ensure you give it a proper chance.

It’s all in the ingredient list

What constitutes a natural product can be hard to understand at first. However, once you get into the habit of reading ingredients lists, you’ll find it much easier. For each product, you pick up, read the list of ingredients all the way through. If there is anything listed that you are unsure about, Google it.

In beauty products, there can be thousands of ingredients, many of which can be harmful to us. Some cause cancer, are linked to various other diseases, and cause allergies and skin irritations - they really can be nasty.

Just because it says ‘natural’ doesn’t mean it is

Picking up a product that states it’s natural and organic, doesn’t necessarily mean it is - scary, right? By reading the ingredient list, you can assess how natural the product really, is, to a degree, at least. You see, not all ingredients have to be listed. However, with a little online research, you can find out exactly what is in each product.

Your skin will need time to adjust

Don’t expect your skin to react well to natural ingredients products straight away. It might do, but the chances are your skin will need time to adjust. For example, if you go from using a branded non-natural cleanser to a natural goats milk soap, your skin will need time to adjust. This could lead to a breakout or other reaction, but it'll soon settle down.

You see, if you use cosmetics containing chemicals every day, your skin adjusts to it. So when you then swap to a natural alternative, it could breakout due to the change. Once you are through the adjustment period, you’ll love the results you get, I promise.

Swap one product at a time

Instead of throwing out all your beauty items and swapping them for natural alternatives, make the change slowly. Start off by switching just one product, see how your skin reacts and then begin to switch more. If you change everything at once, you won’t know which natural products suit your skin and which don’t.

The idea of going natural might be a little daunting, but it’s actually much easier than you think. Your skin may take some time to adjust, but trust me, making the change is so worth it.

This post has been contributed by Laura
<![CDATA[Green Fashion:  3 Reasons Why You Should Care About Sustainable Fashion]]>Wed, 21 Oct 2015 09:48:31 GMThttp://www.organicbeautytrends.com.au/beauty/-green-fashion-3-reasons-why-you-should-care-about-sustainable-fashion
To fashion or not to fashion, that is the question? – was that what Mr. Shakespeare said? Well, not quite but you get me, I know you do. No matter how much we all try to deny it, at the end of the day we’ll all end up gushing over the latest trends or particular pieces of clothing we never fell out of love from. And there is nothing wrong with that.
While we are used to having the fashion moguls breathe behind our necks, telling us what to do, what to wear, what bag to buy, what shoes to love, the fashion industry is so broad and so incredibly optional that even if you are not following fashion trends, you end up following them. There is something for everyone, and we love it.

A wonderful thing is that most fashion designers are slowly but surely getting environmentally conscious, trying to include sustainable fashion in their collections and make the world more aware of how important it is to save our planet Earth. 
Naturally, not everybody is on board with this mission nor are they looking forward to eventually having to drop all their already set ways just to stay in favor with their environmentally-customers but it’s the price everyone’s got to pay. 

​If you are not sure why you should be the one to hop onboard with the sustainable fashion, here are some more than good reasons:

The Earth appreciates it

“The fashion industry leaves behind a huge environmental footprint, from the pesticides used in growing cotton and the leached chemicals from the toxic dyes that went into that perfect shade of teal, to the landfill impact of clothes that wear out and the energy required to produce each piece”, explained knowledgeable environmentalists when asked about the impact of fashion on the planet. For this reason it’s become essential for everyone to think before they create, and buy! 

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to absolutely pick out fabrics that will be 100% organic and sustainable but making an effort and starting small like opting for fabrics made of hemp or bamboo can trim the amount of carbon given off and chemicals brought onto this planet.

It’s longer-lasting

​Organic clothes aren’t only the least toxic way to go but they are also of such good quality that you’ll be able to wear it for a few seasons. If you choose a cut that fits your shape perfectly, a chic silhouette and opt for a classic timeless shape and color you will be able to flaunt what you’ve chosen for years to come. 

On top of that, stocking up on unnecessary fashions (even if they were made without pesticides) is absolutely unnecessary and by not doing it you are actively reducing waste and cutting back on your consumerism! Don’t be lazy and do some browsing online and ultimately buy online some amazing dresses made out of sustainable, organic fabrics. You’d be surprised what you’ll find!

It’s better for both people and animals

When you see that a particular piece of clothes is labeled Fair Trade Act it means it was not only sweatshop free but that it was produced under safe working conditions and the person who made it earned a fair wage!  As for the animals… well, that one is pretty clear – no animal ever gave their skin for those boots or (fur)coat. That’s pretty amazing, right?

This post has been contributed by Cristina Nika Kask 
<![CDATA[Inika Vegan Lipstick - Review]]>Tue, 06 Oct 2015 10:05:12 GMThttp://www.organicbeautytrends.com.au/beauty/inika-vegan-lipstick-review Picture
Inika are an Australian certified organic and cruelty free cosmetics brand.  Their original lipstick was actually the very first organic lipstick I purchased for myself when I changed over to using chemical free beauty products.

Winners of over 35 cosmetics awards, the company started in 2006 and their range have become world renowned for out-standing performance.    They have one of the highest safety ratings in the world and contain absolutly no chemicals.

Made according to strict European Union directives. The products  do not contain petrochemicals, parabens, artificial fragrances or PEGS. 

Researchers have  detected nine toxic heavy metals including lead, aluminium, cadmium, manganese and chromium contained in lipsticks from many well known mainstream brands.   This is why I stopped wearing cosmetics which are not natural a long time ago.   

Recently Inika have released their vegan lipsticks with a new formula and I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on one.

The colour I’ve been wearing is Cherry Blossom.   It lives up to it’s name and looks and even tastes amazing.

The lipstick is actually infused with essential oils, as soon as I placed some on my lips it tasted like a creamy fruity treat.

I wear lipstick every day, even when I’m not going to work.  I love how a bit of colour lifts me up and when using organic lipsticks  my lips are kept soft and healthy.   

I found that this lipstick lasted a long time, it was very moisturising.  The texture is creamy and the colour stayed on my lips after drinking and eating, with a touch up at lunch time.  
I didn’t end up with that lipstick trail around the edges of my lips and it didn’t go all flaky.

For an organic lipstick, the staying power is impressive.   A lot of those non-natural ‘long wearing’ lipsticks last a long time because they contain dangerous chemicals and they are also very drying.  

The colour is natural and pretty, it suited my complexion, as having pale skin I have to be careful I don’t look too washed out, so I tend to go for warmer colours like this.   It has a matte texture with a tiny bit of shimmer. It glides on easily, which I think is an improvement with the new formula, it seems to feel more silky. 

It contains certified organic avocado and jojoba seed oils, shea butter and argan oils.

I like the stylish black packaging, which is made from  sustainable materials.

There are 8 colours to choose from ranging from natural browns to pink and red, something to suit all skin tones.

The lipsticks also come with matching lip liners.  I always use a lip liner with lipstick as I think it defines the lips and looks very classy.  

Available at the Organic Beauty Shop.  

<![CDATA[Green tea skin benefits – myths and truths ]]>Fri, 25 Sep 2015 10:21:09 GMThttp://www.organicbeautytrends.com.au/beauty/green-tea-skin-benefits-myths-and-truths
Some people say that green tea is the healthiest beverage on the planet with numerous benefits, but there are always common misconceptions about its effects on our body. Nowadays you can find so many skin products containing green tea and assuring you that it’s ideal for your skin type. Here is what we think about it.


The free radicals are responsible for skin health since they determine will it be shiny young-looking or gray. Since green tea is rich in antioxidants it helps with skin oxidation as well as slowing down the aging process. Face creams with green tea extract are highly beneficial and they smell very nice as well.

Astringent substances found in green tea make muscles toned and tighten the skin. That is why body and face creams with it will certainly make your skin firm and tight. I even tried washing my hair on a daily basis and it was a complete change since my hair became stronger and healthier. It sounds like a myth, but it’s not.
Stimulation – green tea or coffee

Full of caffeine, green tea stimulates your brain very much like coffee. After a cup of tea, you will fell refreshed and ready to work. If you are a student preparing for an exam, it would be a perfect energy drink while studying. It helps you fight sleepiness, laziness and lack of energy. 

If you want to really feel the effects of green tea you should use it every single day. Some people say that it should be between two and three doses, but in my experience one liter is ideal if you want to drink it all day. Also, you can add one or two sachets of green teaX50, mix it up and soon you will sense how energised you become. Green tea has more minerals then water and you can drink it whenever you feel thirsty. In the long run, green tea will make you feel better and more awake than coffee.

Weight Change

Many researchers claim that green tea can help with weight loss. To be clear, if your nutrition is unhealthy and packed with junk-food, no tea will help you. But if you consume green tea and eat nutrient rich food at the same time you will see rapid weight loss results. 

Given that green tea can boost the metabolic rate in short-term because of caffeine, your body will cleanse itself and remove all fat. And, by the time you start noticing weight loss you will feel completely transformed. Try it out and see for yourself.

Body Detox and Healthy Brain

Our bodies are full of free radicals and dangerous substances that can harm us and in order to avoid being sick we often need to detox. Starting your day with green tea with lemon is the best thing if you want a vitamin boost. It eliminates hangover symptoms, headache and fatigue. 

Furthermore, the bio-active compounds in green tea can have various protective effects on neurons and reduce the risk of both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, the two most common degenerative disorders. This sounds like a myth, but is a proven truth.

Why Green Tea is Important

With good eating and drinking habits we can be healthy for a long time keeping our body in good shape. One of the healthiest ways to start your day could be drinking green tea. We can choose from many flavors, types and mixtures in order to enjoy every cup. More importantly, green tea can replace some medication giving us the opportunity to live a longer and healthier life.

This post has been contributed by Roxana Oliver
<![CDATA[Caroline's Skincare - Review]]>Thu, 24 Sep 2015 01:04:05 GMThttp://www.organicbeautytrends.com.au/beauty/carolines-skincare-reviewCaroline's Skincare is an Award Winning Australian owned and made natural skincare line using botanically derived ingredients.

The products do not contain fragrances, lanolin, propylene glycol and paraben based preservatives.

Caroline Monet started creating skin care lotions more than 15 years ago using essential oils and herbs to treat her own skin problems, this lead to treating friends and family for eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.
Her natural products became so in demand that she decided to share her products with the rest of us.  

They are suitable for all members of the family and also for professionals such as nurses, dentists, trades people and gardners.   They can easily replace products with harsher ingredients and can do the job even better.  

Simple, clean products with natural ingredients which won't give you a headache.

Caroline's Wash can be used as an every day body wash.  
Light, non irritating and PH balanced.   I use it in the shower and it's also gentle enough to use on my face to remove make-up.
It’s been great for shaving my legs, as I like to shave them every day, so I need a product
as this, which lathers up a bit without using harmful sulphates.  
This is also very good to use as a hand wash by the sink to  cleanse hands thourougly without using  harsh detergents.

Contains -  Aloe Vera
Borage Seed Oil
Golden seal herbal extract
Calendula herbal Extract
Vitamin E (botanically derived)
Colloidal Oatmeal

Caroline's Cream has been a a wonder for my dry skin, particularly on my dry legs and feet. I massage it well in to my cracked heels and and it's been working very well to help keep the roughness away.  I use it after shaving my legs and it stops irritation.  I tend to have itchy skin in warmer weather and also after wearing tight clothes and this really soothes the itchiness down.  Also works on scars which become irritated and itchy insect bites.
I don’t suffer from excema, but my toddler nephew does and it’s helped to prevent it from reoccuring.
It’s designed for sensitive skin and has a light natural aroma.
Very good as an after sun care lotion to leave skin dewey and moisturised and to soothe sun burn.                                                                                        
Contains - Golden seal, Colloidal Oatmeal  
                                                                                                                                       Calendula , Vitamin A, Borage Seed Oil, 
                                                                                                                                       Colloidal Oatmel, Aloe Vera, Benzoin

Caroline's Lip Balm  is a soothing lip balm containing natural healing ingredients to soothe dry and chapped lips.   It’s not too thick and can be applied throughout the day with the knowledge that you’re applying healthy and safe ingredients to your lips.   Take it to the beach and carry it in your
handbag. I used this balm a lot during the winter months too when my lips were at their driest.   It leaves my lips with a silky and smooth feeling.  I like the texture, as it's not sticky.

Contains - Wheat germ Oil, Borage Seed Oil
Golden Seal root extract
Calendula flower extract, Slippery Elm 
St John’s Wort, Benzoin
Pau D’Arco, Vitamin E (botanically derived)
Jojoba, Rosehip

All products are very affordable.  They can be purchased at Caroline's Skincare with fast and friendly customer service.